Zerba, Comune di Zerba, Italia, Pietro Rebolini, Lesima, 1724, Castello

Zerba is located in the Province of Piacenza and is the capital of the Boreca Valley

Zerba is the highest capital of Piacenza located in a wooded valley,
Val Boreca, dominated by Mount Lesima
(1724 m) in position
panoramic and sunny on the left side of the upper Trebbia Valley.

It is located 78 km from Piacenza, 82 from Genoa, 33 from Bobbio, 14 from Ottone and 115 km from Milan. 775 meters above sea level, lying on the south-eastern slopes of Mount Lesima (1724), the highest peak of the Piacentino and Pavese Apennines. The inhabitants – Zerbesi – were 1647 in 1871, 699 in 1951, 541 in 1961, today – 2013 – reduced to 96. (actual residents in winter: no more than 30) Populated centers that make up the Municipality are, in addition to the capital Zerba: Cerreto, Pej, Samboneto, Vesimo Sagra: in August, on a variable date, it falls on the first Sunday and the following Monday after the 5th (it can therefore fall between 6 and 12 August) Patron: San Michele Arcangelo – September 29 Traditional Significant events : Thursday before the Festival: S. .. Mass on Lesima (1724) and picnic on the lawn of Cavanna (1500) Evening of the Festival: Pro Loco dance with Orchestra August 14: Polenta festival and dance with Orchestra (1st 1967 edition) August 19: Gastronomic feasts and dance with Orchestra September 29: Feast of St. Michael – allegorical floats and dumpling

Zerba, Comune di Zerba, Italia, Pietro Rebolini, Lesima, 1724, Castello

Zerba seen from the Castle (before renovation)

Economy: Agriculture (woods, meadows, pastures and limited crops and arable land) provided poor incomes to the population, so that the index of depopulation has been high in recent years. Summer tourism is very active, especially by the descendants of those who have found work and well-being elsewhere (Milan and Genoa). A well-equipped post office, an emporium / bar and, above all, a very well organized and active PRO LOCO